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The Overall Structure of our Company:


Irsa Farayand Pisheh has started its activities relying on the knowledge and experience of its young work force, gained through effective handling of projects in various industries, so that it would establish a platform for productive interaction with well-known companies and offering fitting services regarding its client’s needs.

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Water and wastewater

In recent years, the water crisis and overconsumption, have raised awareness about the importance of proper management of water resources and optimal utilization of wastewater; hence, this company helped its employers accomplishing these endeavors by using modern technologies and equipment.Learn More »

Oil and Gas

Providing reliable and stable power has always been of the utmost importance in every country which made using modern technologies a necessity; thus, our experts, relying on up-to-date methods and processes, consulted on, designed, and implemented instrumentation equipment and SCADA systems.Learn More »

Electric Power

The electricity consumption in big industries and also in residential, commercial, and office buildings has made power industry to move toward a more stable and expandable grid. Creating a first-rate infrastructure in order to reach optimal output and increased power grid lifetime has become a goal in this company so that we could expand our horizon in projects including designing, providing equipment, and implementing dispatching of the substations, and doing repair and maintenance for electrical equipment.Learn More »


Nowadays, the importance of process control in most industries is well known and regulating a process system is impossible without considering a control system; undoubtedly, utilizing electrical and control systems are a must, which is realized by our automation experts offering services such as designing, providing, and implementing medium and low voltage panels, lighting panels, earthing and lightning protection systems, production line automation, fire alarm systems, and smart control systems.Learn More »


  • Design and implement of fuel control system for Gas Power Plant Project of Al Sadr, Iraq.
  • Optimizing and supplying equipment of the power panels for Abouzar Oil Field.
  • Executive consultant for Book Garden power system.
  • Implementing grounding system for Gotvand substation.
  • Design and implement of electrical system for data center building of Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Design and implement of electrical system for data center building of Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company.
  • Design and implement of electrical system for data center building of Qazvin Municipality.

business Co-workers

According to the progress of science and technology in recent decades and the need for the domestic industry to the knowledge of the world, the companies were forced to cooperate with the companies named their accomplishments to advance the goals of the project has the names of some of them Is given below




Supervision and data collection systems or SCADA (SCADA: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) refers to large-scale control systems and…

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تله متری



Although the term usually wireless data transfer mechanisms (eg radio systems, ultrasound or infrared systems) refers.

Although the term…

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اتوماسیون صنعتی، کنترل و ابزار دقیق

Industrial Automation


Automation consists of three basic parts which are:
. Measure.   controller.   Triggers

• measurements: Measuring physical quantities’s control. Engineering…

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